Get Fair Skin  It’s true, there are a lot of ways to get a fair skin tone these days…



It is also true that a lot of the methods and products that are used for skin lightening can put a hurtin’ on your purse/wallet.


With the current state of today’s upside down economy, we as humans have to be more than every before, well aware of our spending’s.   And it is my goal for you to achieve a beautiful fair skin tone, without spending a lot of money.


Most people who take skin care seriously, which I assume that you do, or are at least interested in doing so, spend hundreds and often even thousands of dollars each year maintaining their skin.
They didn’t teach you that beauty would be this expensive in school, did they?


Just imagine being able to cut the amount of money you spend on this by 75% or even 85%….vacation time anyone?


You are in luck, because YOU CAN, assuming you have an open mind, or are willing to open your mind (there I go assuming again).
Yes, you can save money on your entire skin care regime, but today I want to just talk about how to get fair skin for pennies, compared to what you may currently be spending.  The “skin bleaching” industry is a multi-billion dollar (that is 9 zeros for those keeping track) industry worldwide, and is becoming larger and larger every single day.


And the truth is….


That as long as people are chasing the most current or next best “miracle skin bleaching product”, which I am afraid will be forever, then these companies will continue to create and sell their chemical based products with an overly priced tag!


Ok, just for fun….

Lets take a look at how much money people are spending on some of the most common skin lightening products that are available.  For example, lets talk about my friend, who by the way visits this site :), so I won’t mention any names.  She accepted a challenge that I made with her last year, and kept track of the amount of money that she spent all year long on skin lightening products.


Lets just say this alone was a major task!


Ahhh, the heck with it we have to give her a fake name, I can’t help it.  We should name her Mrs. Knowitall, but we will name her Anita Newjob ;)


Despite my thousands of attempts to transform Anita into a natural skin lightening machine, which she obviously declined and continued to use non-natural products.  Anita agreed to tally up the total money she would spend for the entire year – we made a bet between us on that frigid late December evening, as we enjoyed each others company in front of the flickering fireplace.


Lets check out the results, although I know she does not want to be reminded!


Chemical Peels - $2,100 spent – Chemical peels should be done in a doctors office, and can range greatly in price from $100 – $5,000.  There are a wide variety of peels available, depending on what you would like to achieve, of course.  Often you will find yourself paying for several visits to the doctors office to get results.  Remember, they can be painful and dangerous if you do not know what you are doing.  You can find these in stores, but I will always suggest seeking assistance from a doctor when perform chemical peels.


Skin Bleaching Creams - $550 spent – These creams were bought in local pharmacies throughout the year, and contain potentially harmful chemicals, Anita now hates them! (Told ya so)


Skin Lightening Pills - $325 spent – Most of these Anita bought online…yada yada yada…Skin Lightening


Miscellaneous Products/Techniques - $200 spent


Ok, lets do the math everyone, Anita managed t spend a whopping $3,175 on potentially harmful skin bleaching products in just ONE YEAR!!!
To keep Anita from exploding, we will not even get into how unsatisfied she was with the condition of her skin after that year (dry, worn out looking, cracked in places, and patchy).


Lesson learned….NOW…


How to Get Fair Skin Without Spending $3,175


Allow me to let you in on the little bet we made that cold night. The bet Anita and I agreed upon was that if she spent more than $2,000 trying to get a fairer skin tone that year, she would have to spend the entire next year using only all natural ingredients, recipes, and techniques, AND she would have to keep track of how much $$$ she spent for that year as well!


Now, clearly Anita lost the bet, clearly I was happy, and she should have been too, right?


This past December, once again gathered by the fire place, Christmas tree sparkling in the corner, hot tea in our hands, we began to put together an all natural skin lightening regime for Anita.


Her first homework assignment before the turn of the new year, was to purchase this skin lightening system/recipe book.  A very cheap ONE TIME payment, that appealed to Anita because she was used to paying over and over for her previous products.


I then told her that she would be making natural skin lightening recipes for  literally pennies, her face lit up – she wanted to get started that minute.  Now, I have told her this before and she didn’t listen to me, but do you know what that $3,175 she spent that year did to her?  If made her WANT to listen to me now, which was great – finally!


After answering what seemed like hundreds of Anita questions, she left that night, anxious and excited to start her new skin care routine, but not before she thanked me over and over for finally making her realize there are other options for achieving a fair skin tone that do not require potentially harmful products or piles of money.


Moving on to the new year…


Over the first few months of the new year Anita quickly began to see the positive benefits of these natural recipes.  The condition and feel of her skin had completely changed and was now feeling refreshed, young, and rejuvenated.  Of course, like a small child on Christmas morning, excited, Anita could not help but show off her fresh, glowing skin to what seemed like every single person she saw.


HappyThroughout this year she has completely fallen in love with creating recipes and techniques, we even have “recipe parties”, where we get together, share, and mix up our favorite recipes for each other to try – these often run well into the early morning hours  :o


After look back at her progress, perhaps the most satisfying part of all of this, besides probably saving my friends skin from damages, is how much money she has saved this year so far…


This year, 10 months in, Anita has only spent $345 to achieve a fair skin tone, this includes the cost of the skin lightening guide I mentioned earlier as well!  Doing some quick math, shows us that this is about $2,500 less money spent than the previous year after 10 months in.  WOW!!! – Where is my $$ Mrs. Newjob?


Anita is now totally hooked on all natural skin lightening, as well as all natural skin care in general, she like sooo many people I talk to, is completely amazed at how her skin feels since using natural ingredients.  Every time I talk to her now, she is excited to tell me about a new recipe she is trying, or her new favorite exfoliation routine, or a natural lightening cream that has worked wonders…etc…She cannot get enough of it, and I am happy for her.


Hopefully this has been motivational for you, and you realize how awesome natural skin lightening truly can be!


Thanks for reading my story, and I hope you enjoyed!

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